1. MASTER'S DEGREE IN TRANSLATION The Master's Degree in African Languages, Cultures and Trade Relations is a degree from the Universidad de Córdoba organized by ISTRAD (Instituto Superior de Estudios Lingüísticos y Traducción) and the Universidad de Córdoba.

2. OBJECTIVES AND COURSE LOAD The main objective of the Master’s Degree in African Languages, Cultures and Trade Relations is to offer university graduates training which allows them to specialize in knowledge about African linguistic and cultural realities as well as to have the economic and legal knowledge necessary to do business or consolidate trade relations with African countries.

The master's degree is fundamentally of a practical nature and consists of 60 ECTS credits with each credit equivalent to 25 teaching hours.

3. LANGUAGES USED The working language for the Master's Degree in African Languages, Cultures and Trade Relations will be Spanish.

In any case, knowledge of African languages will not be required to complete the master's degree. Knowledge of at least two (2) of the following three (3) languages will be sufficient: Spanish, English and French.

4. DURATION AND MODALITY Both the onsite and online programs will take place during the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 academic years. Students will choose their desired study program (onsite or online) at the beginning of the course but have the opportunity to change their program at any time during the two years of their master's degree.

5. FULL TIME MASTER'S DEGREE Those students who, for work or professional reasons, wish to do a full-time master's degree will be allowed to complete it in a single year (start date: October 2019 / end date: October 2020).

6. COURSE STRUCTURE The Master's Degree in African Languages, Cultures and Trade Relations will have the following course structure:

M01 Cultural Reality
M02 Linguistic Panorama
M03 Translation
M04 Globalization and Business Strategy
M05 Business Internationalization I
M06 Business Internationalization II
M07 Pratical Module:


Phase Credits Date
Theoretical phase 51 ECTS credits
Modules M01, M02, M03, M04, M05 and M06
1st semester 2019-2020
1st semester 2019-2020
2nd semester 2019-2020
Practical phase 9 ECTS credits
Module M07
2nd semester 2020-20210

8. ORGANIZATION The Master's Degree in African Languages, Cultures and Trade Relations is organized by the following members:

Coordinación Académica:
D. Carlos de la Torre Oliva (Istrad)

Academic Committee (in alphabetical order):
Dña. Marta Chapado Sánchez (Istrad)
D. Carlos de la Torre Oliva (Istrad)
Dña. Inés Franco Fernández (Istrad)
Dña. Rocío Márquez Garrido (Istrad)
Dra. Cristina Ramírez Delgado (Istrad)

Coordinación Investigación
Dra. Anne Bécart (Istrad)

9. FACULTY (in alphabetical order)

Dr. Álvarez Jurado, Manuela – Univ. de Córdoba
Mr. Arrés López, Antonio – International Trade Specialist
Ms. Belén León López, Ana – Gender and Equality Specialist
Ms. Cartier, Camille – ISTRAD
Ms. Castillo, Pilar – Univ. de Córdoba
Ms. Corte Navarro, Inmaculada de la - ISTRAD
Ms. Escudero Fernández, Cristina - Professional Translator
Dr. Estévez Saá, José Manuel - Head Professor, Univ. de A Coruña
Ms. Expósito Castro, Carmen – Univ. de Córdoba
Dr. Huertas Abril, Cristina – Univ. de Córdoba
Ms. Ibrahim Sánchez, Mouna - Univ. de Córdoba
Dr. López-Campos Bodineau, Rafael - Head Professor, Univ. de Sevilla
Mr. Martínez Zamorano, Antonio F. – International Trade Specialist
Ms. Mazoteras Martín, Sara – ISTRAD
Ms. Pereira Ares, Noemí – PDI de la Univ.de Santiago de Compostela
Ms. Pizzuti, Giulia – Univ. Pablo de Olavide
Ms. Policastro, Gisella - Professional Translator
Dr. Ramírez Delgado, Cristina - Univ. Pablo de Olavide – ISTRAD
Dr. Rodríguez Muñoz, María Luisa - Univ. de Córdoba
Mr. Rodríguez Rodríguez, Francisco - Univ. de Córdoba

10. DEADLINES FOR REGISTRATION AND ENROLLMENT PROCESS There will be three registration periods:

1st registration period: April 15 to May 10, 2019
2nd registration period: June 15 to July 10, 2019
3rd registration period: September 15 to October 10, 2019

Those interested in the course can send in their registration form during any one of the registration periods. Registration can be done online via the registration form available at www.mastraduafrikans.com, or in person at the ISTRAD offices (Monday to Thursday between 9 am and 2 pm and from 4 pm to 6 pm and Friday from 9 am and 1 pm). Once the registration period is over, the students selected for the course will be notified of their admission via email and the necessary documentation for enrollment will be sent via email.

11. ENROLLMENT REQUIREMENTS In order to complete the enrollment process for the Master's Degree in African Languages, Cultures and Trade Relations it is necessary to:

Complete the pre-registration process within the period given and be accepted into the course, in accordance with the previous section.
Hold a university degree. Students with equivalent university degrees from foreign universities are at no disadvantage when applying for this master's degree.

12. MODE OF STUDIES The master's degree can be completed onsite or online:

See link for the onsite mode Modalidad presencial
See link for the onsite mode Modalidad a distancia

13. ASSIGNING ADVISORS Once students have been accepted and have enrolled in the program, they will be assigned an academic advisor who they may turn to for any query or problem relating to their studies. Advisors can be contacted with any questions regarding their professional work including activities outside of the master's degree.

14. COURSE START DATE Classes for both onsite and online learning will begin on October 16, 2019 and continue for the duration of the academic year. The condensed version of the degree will start fifteen days earlier on October 2, 2019.

15. PRACTICAL PROJECT / INTERNSHIP / END OF MASTER'S PROJECT During the second year of study, students will need to complete the Practical Module (9 ECTS credits), which will consist of two parts:

Practical Component. To complete the Practical Component, the student may choose from the following four (4) options:
01 Onsite Project. Carry out a practical project onsite at ISTRAD. This mode for the practical project must be done onsite and will take place between April and July, 2021.
02 Offsite Project. Carry out a practical project offsite. This mode for the practical project must be completed offsite and will take place between March and July, 2021.
03 Internship. This module consists of students completing an internship in a company in the city and country of the student’s choosing. The placement will be assigned by the master's administration team and will have a workload of about 225 hours. This internship must be completed onsite and will take place between January and September, 2021.
04 Recognition of Work Activity. Prior accreditation will be required.

End of Master's Project. To complete the End of Master's Project, the student may choose from the following two (2) options:
01 Academic work. This mode is based on the student carrying out a final research project in any one of the topics taught during the master's degree. This mode for the practical project will be supervised by a research advisor (university research bodies) onsite at ISTRAD (Instituto Superior de Estudios Lingüísticos y Traducción), or offsite. It will take place between December 2020 and July 2021.
02 Project report. This mode is based on completing an explanatory report detailing the activity that was chosen for the first part of this module (onsite project, offsite project, internship or recognition of work activity).

16. ACCESS TO THE SPANISH SOCIETY OF MODERN LANGUAGES All master's degree students will be offered the opportunity to become members of the Spanish Society of Modern Languages (SELM) (www.lenguasmodernas.com) as Professional Users. This will be free of charge and last the duration of the two years of study until September 30, 2021. All Professional Users of this platform will receive, among others, the following benefits: 1) a weekly newsletter featuring 70 job offers in the modern languages, translation and/or teaching sectors, 2) a monthly newsletter providing information on periodicals, news about the latest publications and conferences being held, 3) Access to an online forum where members and/or master's degree students can exchange their ideas, 4) access to a customizable terminology database for both personal and shared use, 5) access to a large number of electronic resources –over 4,000 links to glossaries and other areas ordered by language and subject, 6) circulation of student’s CVs among a large number of translation agencies and teaching centers (approx. 1,200 centers).

17. PREPARATION FOR THE SWORN TRANSLATOR-INTERPRETER EXAM During their studies, registered students will have the opportunity to participate in one (1) of the four training courses offered by ISTRAD in preparation for the Sworn Interpreter exam administered by the Spanish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MAEC).

If, once the scheduled deadline is reached, the student needs an extended period of time to finish the course, he or she may request an extension of six additional months provided that the student supplies justification and receives assessment from the Academic Committee.

18. AWARDING OF DEGREE Upon completion of studies, the Academic Committee for the master's degree will personally award the following documents:

The certificate for the Master's Degree in African Languages, Cultures and Trade Relations, awarded by the Universidad de Córdoba with 60 recognized ECTS credits. The reverse side of the certificate gives detailed information regarding the various modules studied.
Transcript of results and skills learned in each of the modules studied (both certificates and subjects studied).

19. REGISTRATION FEES AND METHODS OF PAYMENT The total cost of the master's degree is €1760 (the final cost of studies after the subsidy from the Instituto Superior de Estudios Lingüísticos y Traducción grant). This amount can be paid in a lump sum or in four installments as follows:

Enrollment 440.00 euros
May 2020 440.00 euros
November 2020 440.00 euros
May 2021 440.00 euros

20. EXTENDING STUDIES Those students who for work, professional or personal reasons require more than the planned two years to finish their studies may request an extension period. The fee for this extension period will correspond to one additional payment installment per additional semester that you require. In September 2021, we will contact all students that may need this year-long extension in order for them to complete the application by the end of September 2021.

21. PROFESSIONAL ORIENTATION COURSE Once the master's degree has finished, students will have the opportunity to complete an online course entitled “Professional Orientation and Entrepreneurship for Translators”. The course will last fifty (50) hours and students will receive guidance on how to begin their professional career. It is completely optional and will cost 75 euros, 25% of the total cost of the course, for platform maintenance. Students will also have one year to complete the course with the possibility of a 6-month extension.

22.CONSULTATION TIMES The consultation times for the two academic years of study will be Monday to Thursday from 9 am to 2 pm and 4 pm to 6 pm and Friday from 9 am to 1 pm onsite at the offices of ISTRAD. Both administrative and academic queries will be dealt with during this time. Students also have the following email addresses and telephone numbers available at any time:

Course Directors, Coordinators and Administration: mastradu@institutotraduccion.com / (0034) 954 22 37 16
Technical and IT Assistance: mastecni@institutotraduccion.com / (0034) 954 22 37 16
Tutors: tutorias.mor@institutotraduccion.com / (0034) 954 61 98 04

23. INFORMATIVE BROCHURE In June 2019, the organization for the master's will share these guidelines in an informational brochure and promotional poster.